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Calvary Community Church

Reflecting a growing trend for churches to expand their outreach, Calvary Community Church in Phoenix has embraced the multi-site model to create “one church, two locations”.  Technology plays a key role in connecting the two Calvary campuses located some nine miles apart. Intent Digital designed digital broadcast facilities for both campuses for real time, two-way natural interaction between congregations in the two locations.

The production staff uses an Energize system to control Ross and Sierra Video routing switchers and selection of the windowing layout on the Apantac mulitviewer. Energize’s powerful virtual router data engine manages multiple routing switchers as though they were a single switcher.  Operators also use the 15” touchpanel in the control room to save & recall presets and control source routing to the video projectors via an Analog Way SMX200 switcher.  

A second software based Energize control panel GUI runs on one of the computers in the audio control booth.  The Energize software GUI enables operators to switch video to the sanctuary projectors through the Analog Way switcher without needing to fire up the production control room for smaller events.

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