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Dynamic Control System

Arizona Legislature

After struggling with poor audio quality, feedback, inconsistent microphone levels and a variety of other issues, the Arizona State Legislature—home to the Arizona Senate and Arizona House of Representatives—decided enough is enough. Recognizing that a high degree of speech intelligibility is essential to communicate effectively, the decision was made to rectify the situation—and at the heart of the remedy: Lectrosonics ASPEN digital audio processors all controlled by Intent Digital’s Energize Dynamic Control System.

The two ASPEN systems—one each for the Senate and House of Representatives—are interfaced the Energize Control System.  In the Arizona Senate a single Lectrosonics ASPEN SPNConference unit is interfaced with three ASPEN SPN2412 processors.  This system is configured as a 72 by 36 matrix. For the Arizona House of Representatives, another SPNConference unit is interfaced with five more ASPEN SPN2412 processors and one Aspen SPN16i processor.  This system is configured as a 136 by 60 matrix.

In both legislative bodies, these systems handle all audio for the various public committee hearings and voting sessions.  The Senate has four hearing rooms while the House has five.  Both Aspen systems are controlled as one system via a single 19-inch Energize touch panel located in the Arizona Capitol Television Master Control.  Furthermore, Energize single gang MiniTouch Panels in the hearing rooms provide additional room audio control.

Energize operates seamlessly with the ASPEN processors to manage mixing and assignment of wired and wireless microphones in all rooms, as well as telephone conferencing, mix minus, press feeds, assisted listening feeds, recording and broadcast feeds, and room combining functions.  The powerful Energize Dynamic Control system does not require any software coding or compiling.  Instead, it contains an impressive set of point and click tools to quickly select how source, output, mix bus, or crosspoint gains or mutes are to be controlled.

Additional equipment used in the system includes 164 Shure gooseneck microphones, 110 Tannoy CMS501 loudspeakers, 12 Tannoy Di5 loudspeakers, one JBL CBT50LA Constant beamwidth loudspeaker, six Crown CT875 eight channel amplifiers.  Quite a bit of mix-minus is used for speakers over the meeting participants heads, which is working very nicely for consistent sounding audio throughout the various rooms.  The audio sounds fantastic, rich and full, without feedback.

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