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Dynamic Control System

Chandler Schools, AZ

The Energize Dynamic Control system is integral to the digital broadcast video system at the Chandler Unified School District Educational Television channel. Energize manages all the signal routing in the plant as well as control of a rooftop weather camera.  The broadcast facility utilizes both analog and digital audio and video routing switchers in the digital broadcast system.  Audio is available on the SDI video stream as well as separate analog routing switcher.  The routing system consists of several interconnected Sierra Video switching frames all controlled by the Energize control system.

Energize features a unique built-in virtual router database manager to link audio and video names and identifiers to simple friendly names.  The virtual router database manager translates the names to the physical crosspoints across multiple routing switchers in the system.  Powerful virtual router database manager enables users to select audio and video signals by friendly names rather than keeping track of identifying source and destination numbers.  The virtual database manager in Energize is unique in that the technology is typically only available on high-end broadcast facility control systems.

The Chandler EDTV production staff created all the pages and graphics on the three touch panels.  They were excited to do the graphics creation because of all built-in tools and ease of configuration.  To complement the user pages, Energize contains a built in XY router control panel to assign router crosspoints by numerical entries or by the friendly names available through the virtual router database manager.

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