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Dynamic Control System

Coronado Unified Schools, CA

A five member VoteLynx SE system and VDU-100 Video Display Unit were originally installed in 2006 to manage monthly school board meetings.  The VoteLynx SE was upgraded to a VoteLynx XLG to provide advance meeting management, bookmarked video streaming and new audio visual control system.

VoteLynx agenda and meeting data is managed and stored on the Enterprise SQL server.  VoteLynx automatically indexes and publishes streaming meeting video for the public to view on online.  Indexing allows the public to search and access specific meeting topics to view.

An existing 3rd parth control system was replaced with the flexible, easy to configure control capabilities in VoteLynx XLG. Both voting and AV control functionality are tightly integrated in the VoteLynx XLG system.  A 15” touch panel controls video projector, large screen LCD monitors, BiAmp audio mixer, several Extron switchers, lighting system, DVD/VCR, CD player, projector lift, projection screen and ceiling mounted document camera.  

One of the real benefits of the VoteLynx control system is the ability to easily configure and adjust the system operation.  Using this capability, the superintendent’s assistant with a little guidance from the engineering team interactively tweaked the control system configuration for desired operation.  The diagnostics power of the VoteLynx system also made it possible to solve long time control issues in the original AV system installation.

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