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Dynamic Control System

City of Escondido, CA

ID teamed up with Triton Technologies out of San Juan Capistrano, CA to upgrade the existing VoteLynx system and portions of the AV system, data network and broadcast systems at the City of Escondido, CA.  A tight time frame required seamless coordination between companies to complete the upgrades in five days.

Escondido has been using VoteLynx meeting management system for over 10 years to manage meetings in the city council chambers. The system was upgraded to VoteLynx XLG to utilize all of its Energize audiovisual control capabilities and integrate with the Questys document management system.  Documents and agenda items from the Questys system are automatically loaded into the VoteLynx system to be acted on during the meeting and then uploaded back to the document system.

VoteLynx XLG replaced an existing AV control system with XLG control functionality. Video switching, video projector, audio level/mixing, device control and architectural lighting system are all controlled by the VoteLynx XLG system.  Existing audio mixers were replaced with two Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1624 and one SPN16i DSP matrix mixers to form a 48x48 matrix that links seamlessly into the VoteLynx XLG Request-to-Speak system.

The Escondido VoteLynx XLG system includes four touch panels.  Two 15” touch panels display agenda items, motions, voting results, presentation timer and control the request to speak system.  The Mayors’ touch panel and control room panels feature signaling capability so that each can silently notify when to start the meeting and when the meeting actually goes on the air.

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The control room touch panel and two 10” touch panels at the dais also control video switching, DVD player, lighting and mixer audio levels.  The dais panels have simple audio control while the control room touch panel has individual control of all audio mixer source and destinations.

The VoteLynx system easily tracks and records the many nuances of a public meeting into a standard database.  The system’s rich configuration capabilities enable each group using the council chambers to individually define every aspect of the meeting from member names and voting actions to individual microphone behavior.  The comprehensive agenda & meeting management coupled to powerful built-in audiovisual control capabilities make VoteLynx XLG an extremely cost effective solution to city government meeting bodies.