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Dynamic Control System

Town of Little Elm

Seven member VoteLynx MiniTouch system is used for city council and Planning & Zoning meetings.  Each council member has a small MTV-100D desktop LCD touch panel to enter motions and votes. Panels also have a Request-to-Speak/Microphone button.  The Mayor can quickly switch between Request to Speak and Discussion modes, view results and manage the presentation timer on a 12” VoteLynx touch panel.  In RTS mode, members touch the RTS/MIC button on their MiniTouch panel to be placed in queue to speak.  In Discussion mode, they touch the RTS/MIC button to turn their microphone on and off to participate in the discussion.

The clerk uses the powerful meeting management tools to move through agenda items between meeting and executive sessions, handle complex motions and the sometimes unpredictable events that occur during a public meeting.  All the meeting activity is automatically captured and recorded in a SQL database for public record.

With the Energize control option installed in VoteLynx, city clerk controls microphone levels and easily selects VoteLynx results, computer or presentation video to show on the video projector and broadcast video streaming feed.  The Swagit remote broadcast production and video streaming works with the VoteLynx system to record meetings and provide access to the constituency. Cameras and production switching are controlled remotely with the hands free video production option.

A high cube shaped room and floor to ceiling glass wall at rear of room created acoustic challenges. Therefore a combination of Shure MX418 gooseneck microphones, Lectrosonics Aspen SPN2412 DSP Matrix Mixer, existing audio amplifier and a new JBL CBT50-LA Line array column was used to focus audio into audience at listening height.  Existing ceiling speakers provided extra lift to fill room with a little more presence.  The combination solved long standing audio issues where people could not hear and turning up audio level caused feedback.  Now the meeting room sounds full and clear and the public is more closely connected to the meeting proceedings.

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