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Northern Arizona University

The Cline Library at Northern Arizona University upgraded the Assembly Hall with new digital video and audio systems all managed by an Energize control system.  Multi-format video from computers, standard DVD, Blu-Ray DVD, video recorders, document camera and future cable TV and video conferencing connects to an Eiki video projector through a TV One Corio seamless switcher.  

Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1624 and 32i Digital Audio Processors are configured as a 48x24 Matrix Mixer to mix mono microphone, stereo and surround sound audio sources.  The audio matrix feeds surround sound amplifiers, recorders, press feeds and assisted listening systems.

The staff uses a 15” touch panel located in the projection booth to control the system.  A second Energize 10” touch panel is mounted on the podium for presenters and professors to select sources, adjust audio and control AV equipment.  Energize controls the Hall’s equipment through a mix of serial, Ethernet, infrared and ControLynx interfaces.  In addition to HD video, three Magenta Research Infinea transceivers carry RS232 signals from Energize to control three TV One scaler switchers at the podium.  The Elmo document camera at the podium links to Energize via a Global Cache Ethernet to serial module.

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