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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The church sanctuary and chapel, built in 1976 had several difficult acoustic challenges.  The large flat hard wall and ceiling surfaces created reverb times in excess of six seconds.  Existing sound system audio was practically unintelligible.  A mixture of speakers, amplifiers and processing equipment were layered over the years in attempt to minimize the problem. Unfortunately nothing worked and therefore Intent Digital was engaged to develop a solution.

Intent Digital considered several audio technologies and acoustic treatment approaches to solve the problem. Visual aesthetics would not permit the use of typical speaker solutions and the amount of acoustic treatment needed would be cost prohibitive.  After careful analysis Intent Digital determined that the Tannoy QFlex digital steerable array speakers to be the best approach to solve the intelligibility problems.  The QFlex is connected to a Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1612 Digital Matrix Mixer and controlled by an Intent Digital Energize Configurable Control System.

For full frequency response, a single QFlex48 was chosen for use in the sanctuary.  The chapel is a smaller venue where the QFlex16 was a perfect fit.  A wood cabinet full of amplifiers, processing equipment and audio mixers was replaced by a small wall mounted equipment rack.  Four wireless microphone receivers, an eight channel amplifier, Aspen Mixer and Intent Digital Energize 10” Touch panel Control System were installed in the rack.  The Aspen matrix mixer feeds the two QFlex speakers along with other speakers and assisted listening systems in the building.  Several macros are programmed into the mixer to allow various operating configurations in the chapel and sanctuary.

The Energize Control System touch panel is set up as a virtual mixer control panel including sliders, meters and control buttons.  Several pages were set up containing input and output levels to mimic typical mixer layouts.  Each mix channel is labeled with its channel identifier, channel description and contains slider, level meter and mute On/Off button.  Energize mixer pages are all configurable to allow operators to change functionality as necessary. Aspen macros are also selectable from the touch panel as well as an external pushbutton panel.

The OLPH staff finds the Energize touch panel simpler and easier to use than the old system.  The new audio system controlled by Energize replaces the complex menagerie of equipment scattered throughout the old cabinet.  The best part is that finally after all these years, the audio in the sanctuary and chapel sounds great.

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