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Dynamic Control System

Wilson County, TN

The 25 member Wilson County commission meets in the courthouse located in historic Lebanon, TN.  The meeting room has two operating modes for county commission meetings and planning and zoning meetings.  45 microphones split between two distinct meeting areas have to be routed to the common audience area as well as to the meeting participants. VoteLynx was originally installed in September 2005 along with Intent Digital’s Conductor basic AV control system to manage the meetings.

Intent Digital recently upgraded the system to VoteLynx XLG to take advantage of the new meeting management capabilities.  As part of the upgrade, system audio visual control is now managed by the Energize audiovisual control functionality built into VoteLynx XLG.  The system controls video projector, projection screen, audio mixer levels and muting as part of the request-to-speak operation. In addition, video source selection and room mode operation from the VoteLynx LCD graphical screens. It was an extremely cost effective upgrade; taking only a day to upgrade to VoteLynx XLG, including the control system migration.

The aging audio system processers and mixers started causing problems.  Therefore existing components were replaced with Aspen SPN1612 and SPN32i DSP Matrix Processers to create a 48x12 mix matrix.  It was a quick change over to install the new Lectrosonics hardware and interface to VoteLynx control system.  Optimizing Aspen gain structure allows  meeting participants to be right on top of the microphone or two feet or more away and still maintain great sounding audio.  

System now has enhanced meeting management capabilities, more operational flexibility and better sounding audio than ever before.  County clerk Jim Goodall says that VoteLynx system has been a lifesaver for their meetings and now could not imagine conducting a meeting without the system.

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