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Dynamic Control System

Horizons Community Church

Energize is not only the choice for large system, it also fits small, cost sensitive control applications.  For example, Horizons Community Church carefully upgraded their video system in stages on a very limited budget.  First, digital HDBaseT distribution replaced analog VGA cabling to three video projectors.  With this step up in video quality, the church added a Kramer scaling presentation switcher to show multiple computers and DVD sources on the projection screens.  Now the church needed an extremely simple control system for volunteers to operate with absolutely no training.  

The Energize control software fit the bill perfectly and runs on same computer as worship graphics software. This allows operators to easily control power, source selection, video muting on three video projectors and the Kramer video switcher.  Most recently Horizons replaced the video projectors and it only took a few minutes to make the change in the control system to control the new projectors.  Jeff Gentry, Horizon’s worship pastor loves the Energize system with its low cost, simple operation.

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