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Dynamic Control System

Town of Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound, TX located northwest of Dallas undertook a two phase project to upgrade council chamber in an acoustically challenging room.  In the first phase, microphones, audio mixer and control system were replaced.  A few months later ceiling speakers and audio amplifiers were replaced.

Intent Digital’s Energize Dynamic Control System controls a Lectrosonics Aspen SPN2412 DSP Mixer.  The Energize touch panel is laid out as a mixer surface giving operators a familiar interface to control input and output levels as well as muting.  The Energize touch panel controls the various mixes feeding council member, staff and audience speaker zones, video streaming and audio recording.  With the powerful simplicity of Energize, it only took a few minutes to update the control system to incorporate additional mixer outputs and mix minus control for the new speaker system during second phase of project.

Shure MX418 gooseneck microphones were selected for each council and staff member position on the dais.  Four new Shure MX690 wireless proximity microphones with SLX4 receivers pickup presentation discussion at two tables in front of the dais.  Gain structure in the mixers was carefully optimized so that the gooseneck microphones would pickup council members whether speaking right into the microphone or sitting back in their chairs. The Aspen gain averaging algorithm maintains even audio level under these extremes no matter how many microphones are open.

The council chamber is an oddly shaped room and multi-slope ceiling making it a difficult acoustic challenge. Existing speakers were replaced with six Tannoy Di5 speakers and two Tannoy CMS501 ceiling speakers in a zoned/mix-minus system providing even coverage.  A class D Crown DriveCore amplifier drives the new speaker system.  Flower Mound staff is impressed that what was once a poor sounding room now sounds great with a digital mixing system easily controlled by the Energize Dynamic Control System.

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