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Intent Digital engineers utilize years of real world integration experience to develop project concepts into finished designs complete with all the details. Well ordered design steps, coupled with future vision leads to an integrated system that will serve you for years to come.  The design steps to developing successful audio-video-lighting, control and digital network projects are listed below.

Technology exists everywhere from installed systems to mobile devices and the cloud. The challenge is tying all those pieces together to anticipate your communications and collaboration needs.

Intent Digital is on top of emerging trends and technology.  With attention to detail and planning, you have the confidence that our design engineers will develop the turnkey system necessary to seamlessly engage and inform your staff and clients.  Our process is easily summed up as LUV-CAP:  

L-Listen to our clients

U-Understand our client’s business, needs and priorities

V-Verify a mutual understanding of project requirements

C-Collaborate on design concept and ideas

A-Advise clients on effective and productive approaches

P-Plan the project, create design deliverables

In addition to the technology, we focus a great deal of attention on the physical building’s space, electromechanical and structural systems as they all require coordination with rapidly permeating technology.  Therefore it is important to work as an integrated team alongside architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers.

System & Facility Design Expertise

System & Facility Design Services

Schematic Design

Design Development

Constructon Documents

Develop a clearly defined design concept based on client goals, requirements and workflow. Define project level, scope, budget, and schedule.

Create initial drawings and detailed plans to present a clear view of the project’s major elements and their relationship to the building’s architectural, structural and electro-mechanical infrastructure.

Finalize and coordinate all project drawings, specifications and details required to build the system.