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Company Overview

The Intent Digital team’s history is deeply rooted in the design and development of broadcast television, audiovisual, and control systems.  Our team has provided in-depth technology and expertise to integrate sophisticated technology into numerous government, medical and house of worship facilities.

In 1998, one of our government clients inquired whether we could develop a software based voting system to replace an aging, custom electromechanical system.  An agreement was quickly reached, and a few months later the system was delivered and exceeded expectations.  That same client recommended selling our solution  as  a mainstream “off the shelf” product.  

Since then, the VoteLynx solution has grown in capability and product diversity. VoteLynx systems are installed in a wide range of city councils, legislatures, county boards, school districts, and boardrooms. Our technology partners also integrate VoteLynx into their information management applications or develop add-ons for the system.

ID developed the Energize Dynamic Control System technology as a powerful, yet simple to implement audiovisual control solution.  The key advantage is the ability for users to create a control system project, no matter the complexity with little to no training required.

Our broad range of systems experience is even more beneficial today as we implement new video over IP, virtualization, and other emerging technologies into the Energize and VoteLynx platforms.