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The dynamic control system, ready to work for you

Energize Software:   The Energize System Control Software is available to run on standard Microsoft Windows based devices or loaded into touch panels and controllers.

Touch Panels:  Touch panels ranging in size from 7” to 15” preconfigured with Energize System Control Software to be used as a self contained control system or a user interface on a larger control system network.

System and Touch Controllers:  Preconfigured Energize System Controllers are available to be used as self contained control systems or as controllers on larger Energize control networks.  Note that units with only Energize GUI software require connection to an Energize System Controller or an Energize Touch Panel System Controller.

 System Components

Conductor Software: Intent Digital’s Conductor software provides quick configuration of device templates for control configurations and command protocols. Simple point and click selections make it easy to add devices without the need to obtain or write software drivers.  Conductor is packaged with full Energize software versions.

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