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The dynamic control system, ready to work for you

Rapid Deployment: Create powerful control systems using point & click menus in a matter of minutes without complicated software code. Faster control system integration means more cost effective and profitable system designs.  This enables programmers, engineers or technicians to better manage the control system projects. As a result, consultants, system integrators and end users will realize improved cost management.

Plenty of Choices: Mix and match control hardware, either in a standalone or networked configuration.  Exceptional flexibility of modules from Intent Digital or third party suppliers work together to form flexible system architectures.

Proven Reliability: Energize systems diligently perform day and night in House of Worship, Medical, Government, Educational and  other applications.

Lower Cost of Ownership: Opens up new opportunities for control systems in a wider range of venues. Easily reconfigure Energize when replacing projectors, displays, and DVD players, without waiting for a programmer or having to locate original software code.  This results in lower cost and more freedom for end users to replace equipment when necessary.

Focus on Creativity: Make your project stand out! Energize empowers programmers, technicians and end users to focus on system operation instead of tedious debugging and troubleshooting.  Extensive tools offer functionality typically available only by writing software code.  Energize offers freedom to implement functionality and create more versatile systems.  


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