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The dynamic control system, ready to work for you

Powerful Features: Energize contains many built-in features and functions usually only available by writing control software programs on typical systems.

Wide Range of Applications: From simple to complex in classroom & training rooms, meeting and conference rooms, audio & video conferencing, digital signage, video production control rooms, houses of worship, auditoriums command & control rooms, surgical operating rooms and medical training facilities.

Easy to Maintain: Standard hardware with comprehensive built-in diagnostic and monitoring tools.

Easily Change Equipment: Since Energize is based on device templates, changing equipment is super easy. Just select the new equipment and go; no other reconfiguration necessary.


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Extremely Adaptable and Scalable: Control simple video displays or entire systems containing displays, audio mixers, audio processors, switchers, cameras, conferencing equipment, streaming, recording and archiving systems, HVAC, lighting, access control. Start simple and expand system as needs grow.

Appeals to both Non-technical Users & System Engineers:  Energize is powerful yet simple to use. Even non-technical folks can configure basic systems. Energize tools enable system engineers and programmers to quickly create large, sophisticated systems.

Flexible Hardware Choices:   Rugged Energize controllers and touch panels run Windows Embedded for secure reliable operation. Energize software also available to run on almost any Windows device.  Mix and match with other Intent Digital hardware and 3rd party interface devices

Energize Overview